The Peace Project strongly values community cooperation and seeks to make an impact in the quality of life of all community members, not just the youth. For this reason the project decided to utilize its location on the shore of the laguna to provide free programs in several areas.

Community EnglishEDUCATION-English-Class-Bubble

The Peace Project hosts English classes for community members of all ages, from youth to adult, at the hostel twice a week. This class allows community members, regardless of age,  to gain skills that grant access to the ever growing tourism industry. We also provide a separate English class for the staff of the Peace Project hostel. We welcome people with all levels of competence, and we always look to our staff and guests to engage with our students in order to gain first hand experience. If you know someone who is interested in joining our weekly classes, let us know!

Bubble-Community-Swimming-SquarellSwim Class

Most Nicaraguans do not know how to swim and leaving them unable to enjoy the natural beauty of the Lagoon. Volunteers of the Peace Project teach community swim classes each week where they help locals of all ages overcome their fears and learn the skills necessary for water safety.


After-school EnrichmentBubble-Community-Lanterns

The Peace Project provides a safe place for local youth to come after school. During this time we conduct English and Mathematics classes, as well as extracurricular activities.