In Nicaragua, the average school-day ends at noon– resulting in limited time in the classroom and a lower quality of education when compared to the developed world. 37% of Nicaraguans between the ages of 15-24 do not have an education beyond primary school. This number increases in rural areas of the country, such as in Laguna de Apoyo, where limiting factors such as costs of transportation and long distances to schools limit educational access.

The Peace Project strives to address the underlying barriers that prevent access to education such as transportation, and educational costs, while reinforcing the school day’s learning with after-school tutorials. Through focusing on access and quality, we believe that education can play a fundamental role in alleviating poverty. Resulting in increased participation in higher education and the skills needed to enter the work force.

Becados Program

The Becados Program began in the 2015 school year and funded 15 scholarships for community youth to attend Laura Vicuña, the local private school. This year the Peace Project is expanding the Becados Program so it will provide 22 scholarships in total. The scholarships include tuition to Laura Vicuña for the school year as well as a uniform and all necessary school supplies. The scholarship recipients are further supported by the Peace Project who provides after-school tutorials in English and Math.

Laura Vicuña School

The Peace Project’s educational volunteers also work in the Laura Vicuña Private School. Laura Vicuña is located on the rim of the crater and serves over 500 students in grades K-12. Students from the Laguna de Apoyo community trek up the crater each day to attend the school due to the higher quality of education. The project provides volunteers as assistants for the English teachers weekly during the school year. Also, our nearly two dozen Becados attend Laura Vicuña, where they receive after school tutoring from our volunteers.

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    Volcano Science Project
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    Volunteer Teaching English Class
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