EDUCATION-First-PhotoThe Peace Project believes that education is one of the most important aspects of improving the quality of life in the Laguna de Apoyo community. Education provides children with the skills required to access higher education and obtain jobs in meaningful fields.

BECADOS-2017-FOTOBecados Program


The Becados Program began in the 2015 school year and funded 15 scholarships for community youth to attend Laura Vicuña, the local private school. This year the Peace Project is expanding the Becados Program so it will provide 22 scholarships in total. The scholarships include tuition to Laura Vicuña for the school year as well as all necessary school supplies. The scholarship recipients are further supported by the Peace Project who provides tutoring in English, math or linguistics twice a week.

Message From Our Becado: Valentina Ramirez


Gilberto Siles School

EDUCATION-Gilanes-Bubble Gilberto Siles Public School is the most disadvantaged school that the Peace Project works in and arguably the most in need of assistance. The four classroom school, and its community, lacks access to running water and electricity. It serves dozens of students from various ages and grades. The Peace Project provides volunteers hold classes and extracurricular activities weekly which include English lessons, art lessons, and team sports. The Peace Project has also raised funds to upgrade the facilities by putting fans in the classroom and improving and safeguarding playground equipment.

Laura Vicuña School

EDUCATION-Laura-Vicuna-BubbleThe Peace Project’s educaitonal volunteers also work in the Laura Vicuña Private School. Laura Vicuña is located on the rim of the crater that serves over 500 students in total in grades K-12. Students from the La Laguna de Apoyo community trek up the crater each day to attend the school due to the higher quality of education available there. The project provides volunteers as assistants for the English teachers weekly during the school year. Also, our nearly two dozen Becados attend Laura Vicuña, where they receieve after school tutoring from our volunteers.