ENVIRONMENT-First-PhotoEnvironmental conservation is important to the Peace Project and the community of Laguna de Apoyo. The laguna is a protected reserve and for good reason as it is home to monkeys, squirrels and fish you can’t see anywhere else in the world. The untouched beauty of the laguna is what brings people to its shores, so the Peace Project has partnered with community members and organizations to do its part in keeping the laguna beautiful.

Beach Clean-ups

This past year our volunteers created and installed the first ever garbage cans in La Laguna de Apoyo, which are full on a regular basis! The Peace Project also partners with MARENA, the local authority on nature conservation, to organize beach clean-ups where we spend the day picking up trash on the shore of the lake. The kids from our Buceo Program participate by diving and picking up underwater trash.



Facilitating Presentations


We work closely with MARENA to facilitate environmental education presentations in local schools, including but not limited to the three schools our volunteers work in. Our local community, as well as guests and groups that visit as part of impact trips, are always engaged and eager to play a role in empowering our youth and improving the environmental wellbeing of La Laguna de Apoyo.