Beach Clean-Ups:

The Peace Project aims to instill environmental stewardship in all program participants. In combination with teaching students about the lagoon and environmental conservation, we lead beach clean-ups at the local public beach. These clean-ups teach students about the importance of preserving the natural environment they live in and encourage them to be advocates against littering and pollution.

Underwater Clean-Ups and Project Aware:

As participants in Project Aware- a non-profit international initiative to protect the underwater world- we value the unique fish in our lagoon and strive to preserve the ecosystem. Our dive shop, Volcano Divers Nicaragua, leads underwater clean-ups to minimize the environmental impact caused by trash being thrown in the water. Tourists and community members are invited to join in dive clean-ups at only the costs of filling their tanks.

UNESCO World Heritage Initiative: 

The Peace Project leads an advocacy campaign to transform eight crater lakes in Nicaragua into UNESCO World Heritage Sites. UNESCO status would increase environmental protections and boost local tourism- resulting in both environmental and economic benefits to the lagoons, businesses, and local communities.

In collaboration with the Ministry for Natural Resources Management (MARENA) and other governmental offices, we are advocating for the following world heritage sites: Apoyo Lagoon, Xiloa Lagoon, Asososca Lagoon (Managua), Asososca Lagoon (León), Apoyeque Lagoon, Masaya Lagoon, Tiscapa Lagoon, and Monte Galan Lagoons.

The lagoons are 10,000 to 500,000 years of age and due to their geographic isolation, and deep slopes, are vulnerable to environmental impacts on their basins. Each of these lagoons is unique due to age, and the characteristics of their water, size, depth, and fish species. Currently six of the lagoons are already protected areas and UNESCO World Heritage Site status would ensure the continuation of protection while extending protections to the other two lagoons.


UNESCO World Heritage Site Initiative
UNESCO Patrimonio de la Humanidad en Espanol